The following committees exist pursuant to AAP's Policies and Procedures:

This committee reviews, interprets and revises the Association’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual. At present, the board of directors performs these tasks since the committee has no chair or members.

The CLE Committee prepares, organizes and presents programs, seminars and workshops throughout the year for the benefit of both Association members and the legal community.

At present, this committee is dormant due to lack of volunteers to run it. The purpose of this committee is to research and advise the Association’s membership about ethical issues and other issues of local or national importance. The committee monitors initiatives in Alaska toward the regulation and/or licensure of the paralegal profession and also monitors any changes in the Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Alaska Bar Association.

This is an ad hoc committee. It provides a forum for discussion and to advise independent contractors and the Association’s membership of individual, local and national issues of importance relating to the special needs and interests of contractors. At the present time, this committee has no members.

The AAP librarian maintains a library of the Association’s books, newsletters, CLE materials and newsletters received from other associations and also administers the loan of library materials, CLE videotapes, etc. The librarian serves as AAP’s historian. AAP is currently conducting a review of its historical records in order to convert them into an electronic format.

The purpose of this committee is to review, revise and prepare membership application and renewal forms, distribute membership applications each August for both new and renewing members, maintain a current membership roster; review completed membership applications, consult with applicants as necessary regarding compliance with membership requirements and advise the Board of Directors of any questionable applications and prepare and mail to each new member a letter of introduction and other membership materials.

This committee is responsble for compiling, editing, publishing, and distributing the Association’s newsletter.

Elections are rapidly approaching and volunteers are needed for this committee! The committee is tasked with establishing a schedule for calling for nominations, accepting nominations, publication of information regarding open seats and candidates in the newsletter and sending out ballots for voting and then counting ballots.

This committee could be a lot of fun to work on! Duties include maintaining informative and positive relations with the public, the Alaska Bar Association, the Anchorage Bar Association, NALS of Anchorage . . . the association for legal professionals, the University of Alaska, court reporters, judges, schools, etc. Committee members also would coordinate attendance at “Career Day” or the “Career Fair” sponsored by educational institutions. Other duties include maintaining communication with other current or future statewide Associations as part of an informal Alaska alliance of paralegals; procuring, advertising and selling promotional items and Association publications as determined by the Board of Directors and advertising all events and activities of the Association, including monthly general meetings, seminars, workshops and other special programs hosted by the Association through local media, i.e., radio, newspaper and television.

This committee plans and presents monthly general meetings, including determining the content, contacting speakers, preparing a monthly flyer advertising the luncheon, and coordinating luncheon check-ins. The committee also provides name badges for Association members at the beginning of the membership year and makes them available for each general meeting.

The committee’s purposes include monitoring paralegal education statewide, gathering and disseminating information about paralegal education; educating the public and bar association about educational needs and opportunities for paralegals, acting as Association representative, when necessary, to local universities and colleges, and coordinating all scholarship activities designated by the Board.

The pro bono committee is tasked with promoting paralegal pro bono activities by AAP members as recommended by and within the guidelines of NFPA and maintaining contact with the Alaska Pro Bono Program in order to stay apprised of, and to inform AAP members of, paralegal pro bono opportunities through APBP. The committee also develops AAP sponsored programs which fulfill a pro bono need in the community and through which AAP members may perform paralegal pro bono activities.

This committee maintains the AAP web page to ensure that current information is always available to AAP members, such as Board of Directors contact information, membership information, job bank announcements, newsletter, meetings and seminars, etc.

The Survey Committee is responsible for conducting surveys of the Association's members, including salary surveys.

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